Our Own Bespoke, Grain-Free Dog Food

Made with High-Quality Protein


No Artificial Ingredients


No Artificial Flavours or Colours




For Dogs with Digestive Problems


For Dogs with Skin Problems


GM Free

Why would I choose Ubodog Premium?

Many of our customers have the same concerns and questions about their dog’s diet, so hopefully, we can answer some of them here and show you why we recommend Ubodog Premium – our own brand, grain-free dog food.

Despite selling all the mainstream, premium dog food ranges, our customers were still telling us about their dog’s digestive problems, allergies and skin problems so we thought, why don’t we see whether we can help that bit further.  After considerable research, we came up with Ubodog Premium Grain-free dog food (in all sorts of delicious flavours).  Packed with protein,  and definitely not those fillers found in many “commercial” brands, as well as lots of essential vitamins and minerals  – we found that when our customers’ dogs and puppies tried it, they loved it and came back with such positive responses that we expanded the range!

What’s more, we love it so much that we’re proud to serve Ubodog Premium to our hotel guests.

We’re so delighted to hear that many dogs have only enjoyed Ubodog Premium during their lifetime – and how great do they look – to those fussy eaters who suddenly were wolfing down their supper, to elderly dogs who had found their appetite again and finally those dogs whose allergies had lessened and were looking much happier.

So if your dog hasn’t tried Ubodog food, and you’d like to find out why so many dogs love it, next time you’re in-store, please ask for a sample pack and let us share with you why it’s so good!


Why does grain-free make a difference?

Grain-free food is generally a much better option for all dogs and in particular, it is ideal for dogs with grain intolerance/sensitivities​. This means that it can minimise the risk of adverse food reactions in your pet – less bloating, less wind (which benefits us too!), less waste and fewer skin problems.

What's in Ubodog Premium?

Only human-grade quality raw and fresh meats well as fresh vegetables are used in our Grain-Free recipes.  It’s cooked at a lower temperature to preserve all that goodness, delicious smell and flavour for your dog.

What about my Puppy?

We have a number of delicious flavours for your precious puppies and the small kibble is just right for them.  As they grow we also provide food for large breed puppies.  All of this helps them get a great start in life.

What about my elderly dog?

As our dog’s age, their appetites can decrease along with their zest for life.  Our specially prepared range for our senior dogs is gentle on their stomach and with delicious flavours to entice them.

What if my dog needs to lose a bit of weight?

We’ve all been there and sometimes, our beloved pooches may be carrying a little more weight than they need to.  Our light range is just perfect for them and by following the feeding guide they should be back to a weight your vet will be delighted with.