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We love meeting your dogs – bring them along for their free treat next time you visit us !

Feeding your Dog Naturally



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Because it’s not all about food & treats!

We have a wide selection of leads, collars, coats, harnesses and bowls.  For their own corner of the house, we also have a good variety of beds, mattresses as well as pet carriers

When they Need Something Extra

We stock a range of dietary and prescription food (some of which are available to order).  If your dog has allergies or dietary issues, we have a number of foods which will be suitable for them.

For Additional Care

We’re not just here for food and treats but we also have an excellent range of medications, healthcare supplements as well as lots of things to help with your dog’s dental care.  We also have specialist scales for you to monitor your dog’s weight

Where to Start?

We have such a wide range of treats, it’s difficult to decide what to choose!  There’s a pick n mix range of small treats, high-value natural treat (particularly helpful if training your puppy!) and longer-lasting treats to let your dog spend some time chewing. 

Making Sure They Look Their Best

Have you seen our grooming products?  There’s a good selection of shampoos, from the delicate “Puppy Love” for your new addition to the family, to “Fox Poo” when your delightful hound has had a good roll in something disgustingly smelly.  We have all sorts of brushes for different coats, combs and nail clippers.

Which is Their Favourite?

Whatever your size of dog, we have something for them to enjoy.  From balls and frisbees to softer chew toys and everything inbetween.  Which ones do you think they’d like?