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Dog & Puppy Private Training & Behavioural Sessions Available

As well as our Puppy School, we also offer One to one Puppy School lessons.  

To find out more or to reserve a place on one of our course, have a look our new website:  Pawsitive Puppy School.  Further details on Puppy School can be found below.




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Our puppy school tutors Vicky and Tom have always loved dogs, they are owned by their black labrador Tex (pun intended!) and are at their happiest when surrounded by wagging tails! There’s nothing they enjoy more than taking Tex on a lovely long walk, the fact that they can enjoy this all comes down to his walking on a loose lead skills and speedy recall. They recognised the lack of training opportunities in the local area and decided to put their passion to practice.

Vicky and Tom have been trained by Gwen Bailey who is an internationally renowned dog trainer, behaviourist and author, they are part of the national network of tutors “Puppy School”. Vicky is a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild (The association for force-free pet professionals), both Vicky and Tom firmly believe that only kind, positive training methods should be used so that your dogs enjoy learning as much as you do! Our trainers have both worked within kennels and the pet care industry for over 6 years, Vicky has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Management and is committed to continuing her understanding of our canine companions by attending seminars, workshops and (of course) spending quality time with them in puppy classes, training sessions and Pets World’s luxury boarding hotel


Vicky and Tom strongly believe that giving your puppy the best start in life through positive training and well managed socialisation sessions results in a happy, well balanced adult dog; the more you put in at this important life stage, the more you will reap the rewards! The classes will give you the opportunity to teach your puppy a variety of obedience basics in the presence of other puppies of a similar age; perfect for practising keeping their attention in the face of distractions. They also offer you the opportunity to socialise your puppy with other puppies in well managed puppy play sessions. Vicky and Tom pride themselves on their small, fun, friendly classes in which puppies and their owners can learn and have fun together; they take a maximum of 6 puppies per class so that each puppy can receive individual attention in a relaxed environment. Our trainers adhere to a strict code of practice using reward based training methods, they enforce a no pain, no force, no fear policy; after all why would you MAKE your dog do something for you when you can get them to CHOOSE to do it for you!

To book at place on one of our courses, please call Vicky on 07896 253312 or fill out the form on our website at:


Puppy School

Group training classes for fully vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks of age. Our puppy school courses comprise of a set of six puppy classes, each lasting an hour.

This course will give you and your puppy the best start in life through a comprehensive program of obediance basics and socialisation. An abudence of toys, treats and praise are used to train our puppies to come when called, walk on a loose lead, sit, lie down, stand and much more! Our goal is to create well adjusted, good mannered and friendly dogs which you can be proud of.

Our puppy school courses cost £81; when you and your puppy sign up you will receive:

  • A full colour puppy school manual brimming with information about our classes.
  • A £15 nature’s menu voucher to give you the opportunity to try their highly recommended raw diet.
  • Continued support via phone or email where requested, we are here to help!
  • Discounted one to one sessions prior to/during your course.
  • A certificate and rosette on completion of the course.


To find out more, have a look here: