Puppy School


Group training classes for fully vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks of age. Our puppy school courses comprise of a set of six puppy classes, each lasting an hour.

This course will give you and your puppy the best start in life through a comprehensive program of obediance basics and socialisation. An abudence of toys, treats and praise are used to train our puppies to come when called, walk on a loose lead, sit, lie down, stand and much more! Our goal is to create well adjusted, good mannered and friendly dogs which you can be proud of.

Our puppy school courses cost £81; when you and your puppy sign up you will receive:

  • A full colour puppy school manual brimming with information about our classes.
  • A £15 nature’s menu voucher to give you the opportunity to try their highly recommended raw diet.
  • Continued support via phone or email where requested, we are here to help!
  • Discounted one to one sessions prior to/during your course.
  • A certificate and rosette on completion of the course.


To find out more, have a look here:  www.pawsitivepuppyschool.co.uk