We stock an extensive range of loose food and treats for your dogs and cats.  

We specialise in high-quality dog food to cater for all tastes, preferences, sizes or allergies.  There is a considerable choice to suit your dog – Ubo Premium, Ubo Naturals and our recently introduced Gentle Dog Food range (a cold pressed food) which can also be used alongside a raw diet.

If you’re not sure what to choose,  then have a chat with our friendly, experienced staff who will be able to advise and guide you towards the most suitable products.

Why not come and visit us to find out what we have to offer?


Our own in-house dog food, UBODOG, is of the highest quality; grain free, gluten free and hypoallergenic – in a variety of delicious, tasty choices for your pet’s well-being.

Our range includes food for puppies, for regular maintenance, for the working dog, senior dog or for weight control as well as Ubo Treats.

Click here to learn more about Ubodog and next time you are visiting ask us about it and don’t forget to request one of our free samples for your dog or puppy to try.



With many years of veterinary experience and the wide variety of dog and cats foods, especially designed by leading nutritionists, we can advise on your pet’s weight; whether your pet needs to lose, maintain or gain weight, we can help.



Our Pet Bed Shop offers a wide selection of beds (in all shapes and sizes) for your dogs and cats. We also offer “Vet Bed” to keep your pets warm and comfortable – available in any length you’d like!