Animal Welfare is in our DNA!

Pets World Kent, a family run company with over 30 years of experience in the Pet business, offering independent, impartial advice.  Come in and chat to us and see what we have to offer your dogs, cats and garden birds.

We are specialists at supplying best quality pet food, a wide range of exciting accessories and lots of pet toys – all at the very best prices. We stock all the well-known dog food brands, including veterinary prescription food and raw foods, as well as our own grain-free dog food brand, Ubodog.

Our experienced staff are here to answer all your questions and to help provide the best solutions for your pets.  In fact, don’t forget to bring your dogs and puppies along to see us for lots of fuss and some free treats!




Meet the Family


PETS: Bear, Sid and Percy

Sharon’s dogs are a big part of her family and love to join in when it is holiday time as you can see from the photograph taken in Cornwall.  Sid and Percy the Mini Schnauzers also enjoy going to dog shows including Crufts every year where Sharon shows off her grooming skills and they do very well.


PETS: Grumpy, Jerry and Tom

Grumpy turned up at Mark’s back door one day with a dislocated hip so, of course, Mark took him under his wing. Grumps is a hunter-gatherer and loves nothing more than chasing the local rabbit population. Jerry and Tom on the other hand are much more laid back and prefer sleeping on a sofa in front of a roaring open fire.


PETS: Horse, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chicken (too many names to mention!)

As well as working in the shop Sally is kept busy looking after her menagerie including Cinnamon and Polly the Poland who is looking very grumpy in the photograph.  The chicken make amazing pets with the added bonus of fresh eggs for breakfast.


PETS: Franny (horse), Boo and Alf (dogs), Dave and Arthur (cats)

Lesley absolutely loves dogs and other animals and admits her husband comes at the bottom of a long list! Franny is now retired after a long career as an RDA horse. Boo is on a perpetual diet and Alf is like an annoying little brother to her. Dave and Arthur act more like dogs than cats and would try to join the family on walks if they could.


PET: Gizmo the Moggy

Chris and his family rescued Gizmo when she was about 4 months old. She is a big-time scavenger and much prefers food she can steal from her humans such as kebabs and crisps to cat food! She is really good with the children enjoying hugs and cuddles and loves going out hunting in all weather including snow.


PETS: Tex, Labrador & Kyra, Crossbreed

We are often asked what she is crossed with but your guess really is as good as ours, even the DNA test was unsure. The closest breed we have found is a Sarplaninac. Kyra was rescued from the Blue Cross at 3.5 months of age. She had a very poor start in life and was originally found in a small rabbit hutch on her own. As a result, it takes her a long time to learn to trust people but when she does you will have a friend for life! Kyra loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa with her favourite humans!


PET: Clay, a Rough Collie

Clay has been with Sue and her family from a puppy and is much adored by all his humans. He loves meeting new people especially if they are out walking with their doggy companions and is very good at training his humans.

He is a very happy dog with a gentle and kind disposition except when it comes to grooming when treats have to be used as a bribe.


PET: Carl, a German Shepherd

Mike rescued Carl when he was 2 years old, he was in a poor condition and very nervous but is now a happy, healthy and confident dog. He loves it if any human he meets throws his ball for him and his favourite pastime, after his dinner and walk, is lying on his back to have his tummy rubbed.


PETS: Donkeys, sheep, dogs and cats (at home) and Lucky the Cob X pony at work

Lucky was abandoned as a foal and he has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. He is a very bright pony and picks up new tricks easily. His favourite person is Mike who always has apples and carrots in his pockets. He lives with his donkey pals and they all enjoy the treats that customers bring into the shop for them.


PETS: Six donkeys (Friday, Duke, Fonz, Chuchi, Bella and Matilda)

Janet’s donkeys are all rescues and she has enjoyed spending time on their rehabilitation over the years and giving them a safe comfortable home where all their needs are looked after. In return, the donkeys give the family, staff and customers hours of enjoyment and amusement watching them play tug of war with a wellington when they are out in their paddock.


Kirsty has had a long career working with equines. She looks after the donkeys on a daily basis. They enjoy being groomed by her and try to help by taking brushes out of her grooming box. They also like to tip over the wheelbarrow she has just filled if they get the chance!