Our prestigious, fully insured and licensed, luxury cat hotel is looking forward to seeing you!  Designed in consultation with a leading feline behaviourist,  here at Pets World Kent your cat will experience a home away from home holiday in our fully heated and ventilated purpose-built luxury cattery (no wire cages or wooden enclosures here!).  This means your feline friend will feel relaxed, pampered and stress-free, just like home.  With just 12 suites, your cat will receive a truly personal service.

Each double suite has a built-in bed area (with a soft and cosy fleece blanket), steps, perches and scratch posts with their food and litter tray at ground level for complete privacy.  We have three larger suites to accommodate a number of family cats and for our more elderly guests, who have difficulty climbing, we are able to provide a bedroom at floor level for them.

Our brand new, state of the art, penthouse cat apartments have hygienic, impervious uPVC walls, individual infra-red heaters and a softwarm floor which can be cleaned thoroughly.  This allows your cat to relax free of other cats’ territorial smells.  So that our guests don’t feel isolated, each suite also has large windows so that the cats can see each other.





Cat Boarding at its Best – Your Purrrfect Cat Hotel!

To make sure that your pet settles in quickly in our luxury cat boarding facility you are welcome to bring any of your cat’s toys, a favourite blanket or perhaps just something that smells like home. TLC is provided as standard here!  We have our own private Facebook group for the Cat Hotel which you will be able to join so that you can see what they’re up to whilst you are away (we post every few days).

Clean and Spotless

Our Cat Hotel has been constructed from uPVC which renders the cat suites inert to bacteria.  This avoids the risk of your cat catching gastroenteritis from any cross-contamination (particularly with wood).  We take cleaning and hygiene extremely seriously here.

Safe and Secure

As our luxury cattery has its own separate building and entrance, with a triple measure safety system, providing full security at all times, thus ensuring that your cat is always safe in our care. We have staff on site 24 hours a day, constant CCTV and an on-call veterinary service.


All our guests have special, individual times each day when they can exercise beyond their suite, enjoying their playtime either indoors or within our safe, enclosed outdoor area, ready for them to explore.

Staying with Us

Superb care is provided as standard and we like to make sure that we have a complete understanding of your cats feeding habits, likes and dislikes so that they can have a relaxing time with us whilst you enjoy your holiday.  Lesley and her team of fully trained and experienced staff are really looking forward to meeting you. To book in your cat or to check for availability, please give them a call on 01580 892409.