The Ultimate Pet Hotel for Dogs

Here at Pets World Kent, we provide five star dog boarding at our fully insured and licensed Dog Hotel.  Looking after your pet in a safe, secure and clean environment within our extensive five-acre site in the Weald of Kent, we are the perfect place for your dog to spend their holiday.

At Pets World’s Luxury Dog Hotel, our innovative approach to caring for your dogs (whether young or old) will change the way you feel about kennels and boarding. Not only do our friendly team of qualified pet professionals provide our guests with lots of thoughtful, loving care, they also offer additional activities to keep the guests active during their stay with us both outdoors and indoors (such as our popular puzzle games and Kongs).

Our experienced, loving staff give your dog the attention and care that they deserve in our secure, “home-from-home” Pet Hotel. Doesn’t your dog deserve a holiday too?

When you want the best for your dog …

Our boutique Pet Hotel, with an exclusive number of rooms, means your dog receives individual care and attention during their stay with us.  They become part of our family.

Our luxury, state of the art, spacious boarding suites within our climate-controlled, secure building are one of a kind (no cages here), ensuring the dogs are cool and relaxed in the heat of summer or warm and cosy in the depth of winter.  All accommodation is deep cleaned between guests.  With glass fronts, uPVC walls, anti-slip floors and acoustic ceilings (to provide a quieter environment), an unobstructed outlook and a familiar home-like feel, we are worlds away from traditional kennels.

Each guest enjoys four walks per day within our secure outdoor exercise areas or paddock.  It’s not just about the walks though when we exercise them – rather than always just physical exercise, we also use enriching techniques to make the dogs use their brains which they always enjoy and tires them out.  This can include games like “find it” with treats or spending time building on their current training which keeps them alert and active.

Part of our day is spent just sitting with our dog guests and getting to know them.  We learn what they need or enjoy.  Some just like to hang out with us and enjoy being stroked, others like to play and others like being groomed.  Because we know our guests so well, we are immediately alerted if their behaviour changes indicating they are unhappy or unwell.

We perform daily health checks on our guests and monitor their weight to ensure they are in tip-top condition.  This is a recorded 14-point nose-to-tail health check, including eyes, ears, paws and teeth to ensure that your dog stays in great condition and any health concerns can be dealt with immediately.  We also regularly weigh our guests to ensure they are keeping a constant weight.  If they are losing or gaining weight, we adjust their diet accordingly.

We monitor our guests via individual CCTV cameras and our staff are onsite 24 hours a day

We post regular photo updates within our private Owners’ Facebook group so you can see what fun activities your dog(s) are getting up to whilst on their holiday.