Can I view the Cat Hotel?

Yes you can!  We do, however, have Covid  protocols in place to protect you and our staff.

What vaccinations will my cat need?

We require all cats to be fully vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Herpesvirus and Feline Calcivirus. We require new or re-started courses of vaccinations to be completed a minimum of 10 days prior to arrival at our hotel. Vaccinations must be within date for the duration of your pet’s stay, if their annual vaccination is due during their stay this must be administered prior to arrival.

We will require you to bring proof of your pet’s vaccinations on their first visit and after each annual booster vaccination.  It is your responsibility to remember this.  Please add it to your diary as we can’t take cats whose vaccinations are out of date.

Do I need insurance?

It is strongly recommended that owners provide their own pet insurance for the duration of their pet’s stay. We will require proof of insurance on check-in. Any veterinary attention required during the pet’s stay is at the expense of the owner/legal guardian.

Pets World reserve the right to recover any addition and reasonable costs incurred as a result of your pets stay including staff and travel expenses.

What should I bring?

We recommend that you bring along some of your cat’s home comforts such as a comforter but please note that since the covid-19 outbreak we are no longer able to accept beds or bedding,  for the safety of our team members.

We provide Royal Canin biscuits and Gourmet wet pouches but you are welcome to bring your cat’s own food if desired, please be aware that we are not able to accommodate sacks/large tubs of food.

My cat is on medication, can he/she still come to your Pet Hotel?

Yes we are able to administer medication as long as the cat is accepting of it and the timeframe required fits in to our routine. If your cat has specific medication requirements please contact us directly to discuss this.

Will my cat get enough attention?

We pride ourselves on providing our cats with lots of love, fuss and stimulation during their holiday. Each cat is allowed access to our enclosed internal and/or external exercise area at least twice a day, during this time they will have plenty of one to one attention with our loving staff who will adapt the activities to their desires; will they prefer time to explore, playtime, cuddle time or a combination of all three?

My cat has not been neutered/spayed, is he/she able to stay at your hotel?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate unneutered cats which are over six months of age.

My cat hasn’t stayed in a cattery before, will he/she be ok?

Lots of our customers have never used a cattery before as they couldn’t find one they were happy with. We tailor our care package to each individual guest and find that they usually settle very well in our hotel whether they are a playful kitten, an elderly cat or anything between!

Our cattery is not like other catteries, it is a small boutique with only 12 penthouse cabins with warm floors, infra red heating and fully ventilated.

Will I be able to find out how my cat is during his/her holiday?

Of course! We have a private Facebook page which you can join to see what he/she gets up to whilst on holiday with us.

I am going away in winter, will my cat be warm enough?

Yes! Our cat hotel is located within a secure modern fully insulated building and each cabin has its own infra-red heater and warm flooring to guarantee a constant temperature and keep your cat comfortable all year round.

Will my cat meet other cats during his/her holiday?

Our cattery adheres to strict licensing regulations which stipulate that all cats in our care must not have any contact with another cat (outside of their family) during their stay.


What happens if my cat becomes unwell during his/her holiday?

If we have concerns regarding your cat’s health we will consult our local Veterinary practice and if necessary we will transport your cat there. In the case of minor treatments and medications, we will inform you on check out. In the case of emergencies, we will take appropriate action to ensure the health and wellbeing of your cat and contact you (or your emergency contact if you are not available) to inform you of the situation.

All customers must read and sign our terms and conditions on their first visit to give us permission to authorise veterinary treatment on their behalf; owners are responsible for the cost of all veterinary visits/treatments.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations or amendments must be in writing. We cannot accept cancellations made via telephone. All payments are non-refundable.

In the event that you need to cancel your booking please note our cancellation policy. This policy is applicable in all cases of cancellation and is strictly enforced. No refunds will be available.

28+ days notice: Credit payment for future booking minus a £50 admin fee.

Less than 28 days notice: Full payment of booking will be forfeited.

At the management’s discretion and without prejudice to our cancellation policy, payments may sometimes be transferred to a customer credit in exceptional circumstances. This credit can be transferred to a future booking at the management’s discretion. Unused customer credit will be removed and forfeited after 12 months.

In extraordinary circumstances, we may have to make the decision to cancel a booking. In this situation clients will be entitled to either a customer credit for the payments applied to the affected booking(s) or a refund; clients will not be entitled to any other form of compensation.